The Andretti Legacy: Michael Andretti’s Lasting Impact on Americans in F1

With Williams rookie Logan Sargeant scoring points this season, ATRL’s Grace Garrity takes a look at the career of Michael Andretti, the last American F1 driver score points 30 years ago.

Written by Grace Garrity

November 17, 2023

Logan Sargeant, a young American talent in the world of motorsport, reached a remarkable milestone in his Formula 1 career during the United States Grand Prix as the first American driver in three decades to score points in a Formula 1 race, but the last American to accomplish this feat was Andretti team owner and American motorsport legend Michael Andretti. 

The two last Americans to score points in F1 (Photo via @f1 on instagram)

Andretti was born on Oct. 5, 1962, in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Motorsport was introduced to him at a young age as his father Mario Andretti competed in Formula 1 while Michael Andretti was growing up and even won the Formula 1 World Championship in 1978. Andretti witnessed his father’s remarkable career up close, so he developed a profound passion and drive for motorsport.


Before he joined Formula 1, Andretti began racing in Indycar. From 1983 to 2003, he accumulated an extensive list of accomplishments. Three years after his debut, Andretti won the 1986 Toyota Long Beach Grand Prix. He then won the CART PPG IndyCar World Series championship in 1991. While Andretti had a strong Indy 500 career, he never secured a win. 

Michael Andretti. (n.d.). (Photo via

Andretti’s success in IndyCar led him to Formula 1 in 1993 when he started racing for McLaren, but his F1 career was marked with bad luck and inconsistency. In his first year of racing, Andretti crashed in four different races. His McLaren car often suffered from technical issues, and he was pressed to perform at the same level as teammate and F1 world champion Aryton Senna. Despite challenges, Andretti was still a talented driver. He finished 2nd at the Italian Grand Prix, and managed to finish 11th in the 1993 Driver’s World Championship.  


Andretti ended his career in motorsport in 2003, leaving an incredible mark on the world of racing with an impressive 42 wins across all series he raced in, the highest number in Championship Auto Racing Teams (CART) history at the time.

Andretti on track in F1 (Photo via: @MichaelAndretti on Twitter)

His passion for racing didn’t retire with him though, in 2003 he founded Andretti Autosport, now Andretti Global. Its success spans not only the NTT IndyCar Series but also across seven other motorsport categories, showcasing a versatile and competitive approach that has left his mark on the world of racing today.


Andretti’s accomplishments made him one of the greatest American open-wheel racers. His commitment to motorsport through the establishment of Andretti Global demonstrates his lasting impact on the world of racing, inspiring a new generation of American talents like Logan Sargeant to aim for greatness in Formula 1 and other motorsports.



Grace is a 16-year-old from Southern California, whose passions are writing and following Formula 1. Her interest in motorsport first started watching NASCAR races when she was younger. She is now a huge Formula 1 fan, who wakes up at crazy hours to watch the races live. Grace hopes that more women will become interested in motorsports and is excited to contribute to Along the Racing Line. In college, she wants to study journalism, and maybe one day become a Formula 1 journalist.

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