Post Abu Dhabi Blues? Here are 5 Racing Series You Can Watch While F1 is Away

Looking for another racing series to watch this off-season? Here are 5 you may like if you’re a fan of Formula One.

Written by Natasha Warcholak-Switzer

January 5, 2024

The winter months can be slow for racing fans, but here’s the good news – you don’t have to wait until Drive to Survive comes out to get your fix. While the ground-breaking series has brought millions of new fans into the world of F1, its March release date and the 2024 F1 season are still a ways off. Until then, here are 5 racing series to keep an eye on.  


Whether you’re an F1 novice or you just haven’t ventured into the other FIA series yet, you’ll want to put this on your Watch List before the 2024 season begins. It’s no secret that many of F1’s top contenders have had storied careers that began in F2 or F3; although participation in the series isn’t required to become an F1 driver, it’s a short step away from a full-time place on the grid. George Russell, Charles Leclerc and Oscar Piastri were some of the most successful drivers on the grid in 2023, and each of them is a former F2 champion. Watching F2 in the off season can give you more racing to watch, but who knows, you might also catch a star on the rise. 


Where to watch Formula 2: The entire 2023 season can be streamed on F1 TV


Formula E 

If you’re a fan of street circuits on the F1 calendar like Baku and Las Vegas, then you’ll likely be a fan of the  Formula E series. The single-seater racing series just introduced the Spark Gen 3 car for 2023; with a new top speed of 198 MPH (320 km/h) and additional circuits in India and South Africa, there’s plenty more to dive into. Formula E is also the only racing series to be net zero since its start in 2014; its reduced environmental impact allows it to be run exclusively on street circuits. 


Where to watch Formula E: F1TV, YouTube 


Porsche SuperCup 

The Porsche SuperCup is an 8-race series that started in 1994, and follows the F1 circuit to various historic spots throughout the season including Monte Carlo and Monza. Where some F1 seasons tend to see dominant teams and drivers, identically-constructed cars make this series more evenly matched overall. The series describes its mission this way: “Victory or defeat is not predicated on a racing team’s budget, rather by vehicle control, track knowledge, courage and determination of the drivers”. 


Where to watch the Porsche SuperCup: F1TV and ESPN (US) 

Rolex 24-Hour and Sebring 12-Hour Endurance Races 

Now let’s get to some live racing. The annual Rolex 24-hour endurance race is done in teams, with time on track split by several team members. Current drivers often use the Rolex as a chance to get back on track in the off-season – Haas F1 Driver Kevin Magnussen, and IndyCar drivers Alex Palou and Scott Dixon have previously taken part in the race, so it could be a good opportunity for F1 and IndyCar fans to see some of their favorite drivers in action. This race is the first of the season for the IMSA series, and it kicks off January 25, 2024. If you get the itch for more endurance races, you might want to keep an eye on the Sebring 12-Hour Race (March 2024) and 24 Hours of Le Mans (June 2024) this coming season. 


If you want to get in on the action yourself and take part in your own endurance race as a spectator, driver or crew member, believe it or not, you can – 24 Hours of Lemons tours the US and has dates at local race tracks all throughout the off-season. 


Where to watch the Rolex 24-Hour and the Sebring 12-Hour: NBC Sports 


From one racing fan to another, we hope these series get you excited for the coming season and give you even more to keep an eye on come spring. Until then, happy watching! 


Before 2020, Natasha didn’t know what F1 was. In 2022, the highlight of her week is watching the Grand Prix on Sunday with her entire family. Natasha’s favorite teams are Ferrari and McLaren; when she’s not watching F1 or IndyCar, she’s traveling, taking language classes, trying out a new local cafe, or learning about the latest in marketing and social media. 

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