Songs, Strawberries, and TV Shows: Rapid Fire with Jack Aitken

 Jack Aitken answers our rapid-fire questions as we get to know the young driver. Check out the full interview at the end!

Written by Kristina Agresta

Leonie Deckert

September 14, 2022

If someone told you to clean your apartment right now, which song would you put on?

I would probably just play whatever was last on my Spotify likes, which is “Can You Feel My Heart” by Bring Me the Horizon, and that’s the last thing I saved. That’s Alex’s influence on me.


Rank these berries from your favorite to least favorite: raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries.

Strawberry number one. Straight in, it’s a classic. And then probably raspberry because I do like raspberries a lot. It could have been number one but doesn’t have the history of strawberries for me, personally, and then blackberries last.


That was the most in-depth answer we’ve ever had to that.

I like to take things way too seriously.


What’s your favorite or best pasta recipe?

Did you see the recipe going around on TikTok for a while with a block of cheese? Just put it in the middle of the pasta and loads of tomatoes. That’s actually really, really good. Probably not the healthiest, but it’s really good. So I’ll go with that.


What’s the corniest TV show you’ve ever watched?

Really, really bad TV – there’s a few. Love Island would be up there. I would watch it just because it’s that bad. You can’t look away. You kind of have to watch it every week to get the story and to understand what’s happening. But like some of the decision-making and the thought processes that go on in there is just mad. 


If you could design your own pair of Happy Socks, what would you do with the design? 

My teammate Albert Costa has some socks with a little cartoon of his dog, which I think is the coolest thing ever. I don’t have a dog at the moment; I used to have a dog. So maybe I’ll just get one of those for my old dog until I get a new one!


If you could go on a road trip, which three drivers would you take with you?

Oh, people are gonna get offended. I mean, if I was gonna go with people that I know, I’m probably going to upset people. I can’t do that. I’m gonna go with drivers that I don’t know. I would like to go on a road trip with some of the guys I was watching when I grew up watching F1 mid-2000s. I’ve met Rubens Barrichello, and he seems like a really cool guy, but I only met him for a short period of time, so maybe I’ll get Rubens in there. Get some more stories from the old times. Damon Hill seems like a great laugh. So get Damon in there. Why not? I’m thinking way too much about this. Michael Schumacher, who wouldn’t want to be on a road trip with Michael?


Who are your three idols growing up? Driving or non-driving.

Michael was probably one just because when I was growing up and started to watch F1, he was winning everything by miles. I didn’t have a lot of idols growing up. I totally would say Lewis because when I started racing, he was getting into F1—seeing a British guy and a guy from his background doing as well as he did was pretty amazing. Then what he’s gone on to achieve afterward! Probably those are the main two to be honest.


What’s your favorite place in England other than home?

I could say London because, technically, London isn’t home for me anymore. I grew up in central London, and now I live in Oxford. Central London I love. I really miss it sometimes. Because it’s so busy and there’s just everything happening and all kinds of people, and I think it’s an amazing city. If I couldn’t say London (because I did live there most of my life), I’d probably say Scotland, around the borders. It’s really beautiful, and I’m up there a lot because my dad is Scottish. We go there for holiday sometimes, and I think it’s an amazing part of the world that nobody gives any credit to because it’s Scotland. It always rains. I mean, it’s very different depending on which part of Scotland you go to. But yeah, Edinburgh is amazing. The borders are amazing north; right on the edge of the North Sea is really really cool.


Back to TV, what was the last thing you watched?

I’m watching Suits at the moment. I never watched it when it was coming out at the time. I watched the pilot episode, and I didn’t watch any more because I’m really bad at finishing TV shows. And now I’m rewatching it, and I’m like four seasons in.


Can you describe your career in three words?

“Ongoing,” thankfully, “unconventional,” maybe because I went to school for a long time and didn’t take it seriously for a long time either. And then “promising,” hopefully, there are going to be good things in the future. We’ll see.

Note: This article was edited for clarity and length.

Check out our full interview with Jack Aitken!

“It’s very rare that you’ll find a human who’s completely fulfilled with where they are, but things are going okay. I think they’re going to hopefully be better next year, which is always a good place to be rather than looking at it going downhill. So I’m happy about that. But yeah, it’s a continuous thing, always trying to move forwards.”


Kristina developed her love of motorsport through years watching Top Gear with her dad every night. She specializes in Formula One and Formula 2. Her favorite teams include Williams, Mercedes, Prema, and ART Grand Prix. Outside of motorsport Kristina spends her time baking and spending time with family. You can find her on Twitter as @agrestaP1.

Leonie is currently studying international management at an international university and plans to focus on marketing and communications. In lockdown, Leonie discovered a talent for digital art and has been creating motorsport-inspired artwork ever since. Her art is featured heavily throughout this site. She helps run the social media accounts and is in charge of creating digital content. When she’s not discussing the latest motorsports news, she is drawing, watching football, or traveling around Europe.


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