F1 Academy’s Super License Points & Wild Card Entries for 2024

ATRL’s Sam Yanis explains the addition of Super License Points and Wild Card Entries to F1 Academy and their significance for young female drivers in the sport.

Written by Sam Yanis

March 8, 2024

On February 5th, F1 Academy announced that they will be awarding Super License Points to the top five classified drivers in the 2024 season. This is the first season they will be doing this, bringing young female drivers a step closer to obtaining a Super License. 


A Super License is needed to compete in Formula One, and Super License Points are necessary to receive it. Currently, a driver needs 40 Super License Points to get the License, earned in the two or three years before applying. Last season, none of the F1 Academy drivers received these points, while drivers in other feeder series like F4 and F3 did. This season, the 2024 winner will receive ten Super License Points, second place will receive seven points, third place will get five points, fourth will be given three points, and fifth place will get one point. 

F1 Academy’s Managing Director, Susie Wolff, spoke on this, statingOur top five drivers receiving FIA Super Licence points is testament to the strength of F1 Academy’s on track proposition and will help fuel their progression as they move up the single seater pyramid.”

Susie Wolff, Managing Director of F1 Academy (Photo via F1 Academy @f1academy)

In this media release, F1 Academy also announced the addition of Wildcard Entries at select races. These will be young female drivers from the area who are offered the chance to participate in the race weekend. They will even be eligible to score points in the Drivers’ Standings. 


The Wildcard Entry will drive with Prema Racing, the 2023 Team Champions, for the select weekend. They will operate a fourth car for the entry, giving the driver guidance and support. Currently, there is no information on the amount of Wildcard Entries there will be throughout the season or which race weekends will have them.

Marta Garcia’s Prema Racing car (Photo via f1academy.com)

When speaking on the Wildcard Entries, Susie Wolff said, “The introduction of the Wild Card entrants will promote regional talent, engage with local communities, and increase the talent pool in the regions in which we race which will be important for our long-term growth and ensure we are creating even more opportunities for women to get involved in our sport.”

Both the Super License Points and the Wildcard Entries are giving young female drivers the chance to get more track time and progress further in single seater racing. The Wildcard Entries in particular will benefit women who have not yet entered F1 Academy, helping them improve and make connections in the sport.

F1 Academy drivers in action (Photo via f1academy.com)

After one season, F1 Academy has already created so many opportunities, and these announcements are proof that they are committed to finding more ways to support young women in motorsports as they grow as a series. 


Sam is a university student studying English and Italian Studies. Her grandfather turned on F1 while they were watching tv together one day, and she’s been a fan ever since. Although she’s a newer fan, she loves the history of the sport and enjoys watching documentaries and old races. Her favorite driver is Fernando Alonso, and she’s spent many days and nights watching him race in seasons of the past on F1TV. Outside of F1, she’s also a book lover who writes reviews and blog posts about books for other publications.

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